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It is time for SOPA

Posted 18 December 2011, 10:12 AM

Well Folks, the time has come. Congress had their hearing on the Stop Online Piracy Act, also known as SOPA and H.R.3261. If you do not know what SOPA is, you need to read the bill right now. Stop reading this article, get off this page and start reading the SOPA act immediately and become informed. SOPA is probably one of the biggest threats to American freedoms in the last decade. What is scary is the majority of Congress is in favor of passing this bill.

Recently Congress ruled to delay voting on sending SOPA to the house floor until 2012. However according to several sources including CBS, and Washington's Blog have posted articles stating that Voting was secretly rescheduled to December 21, 2011 in a plan to not allow the American people to know so that they can not oppose this bill.

There are several factors at risk with this bill, including domain name ownership, content ownership, copyright laws, internet censorship, and much more. However what a lot of people do not know is there is a lot of PORK in this bill, which is why so many members of Congress favor this bill. Some of this PORK covers things like Trafficking in Inherently Dangerous Goods or Services (i.e. Drugs and weapons), Protecting U.S. Businesses from Foreign and Economic Espionage (i.e. Protecting intellectual property, which we have laws for), and much more.

We at strongly encourage American Citizens to become educated and to act right now by contacting your Congressman to oppose this act. In addition to that, get involved in some of the non-profit organizations that have been stated to stop SOPA. Mozilla was one of the first to do this by starting up their program, which you can find at

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Front Page
By admin

New Beginnings

Posted 07 December 2011, 7:19 PM

Well as some of you may know, I am 1 man running this site. I have always had a vision of this being a community driven site, something owned and created by the community. I had a nice site built up, decent forum, wiki, downloads section, articles, etc. Well about a year ago one of the infamous hacker groups (I can't remember which one now) hacked and completely destroyed the site. In addition to that my hosting provider did not have any valid backups of the site so I lost everything I worked on over the past 4 years.

Now most people including myself would have said well it was a good run and walked away. Just admitted defeat. Well I kept the domain and everything I could salvage (which wasn't much). Finally I am finding I have some time, and a bit of drive to actually pick myself up and try to start a new.

No this site is not really ready. It looks like crap, it is a basic CMS portal, and has a lot of work that needs to be done. However there is something here that loads when you go to, which is more than you would have gotten anytime within the last year. This posting is the first bit of actual site data that has been created since I started working on this, and this iteration of the site is less than 1 week old. Remember I am 1 guy, cut me a break, have some patience, and if you are inclined, be one of the first community members of the new rebuild to help get things going again.

If you are one of the old members, I am sorry for being down so long, and Thank YOU for coming back. If you are new to the TuxKnowledge family, Welcome. I hope you find yourself a new home and some comfort here.

Thanks Everybody,

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